Alex Duarte born October 2, 1975, in Harlem New York, grew up
reading and painting through her youth. Alex continued to refine her
technique throughout the next several decades. Her highly detailed
paintings are known for their vibrant, figurative imagery – combining
traditional painting techniques with contemporary design and
illustrative styles, layer upon layer, the application of immaculate detail
and technical dexterity. Duarte’s work presents a world where
everything is adorned and alive.

At the age of 21, Duarte began to lose her eyesight. As the way she
could see the world changed, her work brightened, using a mixture of
materials, including neon and black lite acrylic, birthstones, gold leaf,
glass, and fairy dust she beautifies her world. Materials that capture
and radiate light make creating easier for Duarte and contribute to the
uniqueness of her work, art that lights the dark.