It is better to be live like me. A Pope you get to live and hide, a Rockstar gets you live in sin and artist are just miss placed souls that make CRAZY LOOK GOOD


Music and Art Fusion

Influenced by a combination of all the following arts film, TV, pop culture etc. That contributes to those that have excelled in their art domains, and continue to break barriers, Natural born leaders in their fields... This is about celebrating life as a whole. 


Mr. Harvard and His 8 Balls

Mr. Harvard and His 8 balls is influenced by the naughty, the forbidden and the taboos that are being talked and written about in today's world pop culture world. My pieces will show my audience the meaning behind story being told from my perspective.   This is a  cross between beautiful fine arts and detailed sculptures.

Deranged Artist Design

Is a company to introduces little interesting home decor that I'm designing and developing.  Pen hold and papers weights that would be a perfect addition to an office. Make up blush holders that would stand out and make a statement that in ant room to create give a vibrant tasteful feel to the ambiance, jewelry holder or trays for your ring or cuff links. I have this need to surround myself with funkadelic art that just inspires me to be different and identify with being unique.... 


My Universe

My Universe is FANTASTIC!! It is based on my love for the solar system, our sky's, a chance to simulate a glimpse of nature constant changing views... I try to capture the impossible, and did.... My universe is multi dimensional, neon's activated and natural earthy stones such as pyrite and garnets, and much more like... Any thing Compliment the cross between my art techniques. 

The Ghost of Me

The Ghost of Me is about the past. Those that Curved and influence our world through their artistry. People that didn't complete their life due to tragic accidents, or misfortunes. Despite of their absence there presence are still felt in this world. They feed me their creativity and help me produce something magical, like a ghost of me....


My Crown Jewels

Based on entertaining my corporate client such as the crown plaza. They will be 7 pieces designed to entertain hotel decor specifically designed with their theme colors and even implementing part of the tiles that r covered by the areas. 

Alex Duarte NYC

โ€œCombining traditional painting techniques with contemporary design and illustrative styles, layer upon layer, the application of immaculate detail and technical dexterity.โ€